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Warning  The implementation of the model has multiple solutions, or infinite lines of solutions, so it should not be used.

The Meiboom 1961 2-site on-resonance exchange relaxation dispersion model for all time scales with skewed populations (pApB) for R1rho-type data. This model is labelled as M61 skew in relax.


The M61 skew model has the parameters {R', ..., pA, Δω, kex}.


The reference for the M61 skew model is:

  • Meiboom, S. (1961). Nuclear magnetic resonance study of proton transfer in water. J. Chem. Phys., 34(2), 375-388. (10.1063/1.1700960).


The implementation of the M61 skew model in relax can be seen in the:

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