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Welcome to the relax Wiki.
The community-run support site for relax, a program for the study of molecular dynamics using experimental NMR data.
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Tutorial added Tutorial for manual regarding The relaxation dispersion auto-analysis in the GUI
Tutorial added Tutorial for R1/R2 Relaxation curve-fitting analysis on varian recorded as fid interleaved
Matplotlib example added Matplotlib example
Tutorial added Relaxation dispersion analysis R1_rho recorded on varian
Tutorial added Relaxation dispersion analysis cpmg fixed time recorded on varian as fid interleaved
Tutorial added Adding relaxation dispersion models to relax
wiki namespace changed The wiki is now placed at: as of 19 of July 2013
GPL License The License has been changed to GPL v3.
New Wiki This is the new wiki
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Speed up analysis

== Notes on time consumption ==

See comments from Edward.
mailing list correspondance


A performed 'cpmg fixed' relaxation dispersion analysis, for a dataset with 68 residues.
Analysed with 22 intensity files, with 4 triple replications.
Time consumption was approximately 20 hours.
The analysed models were: R2eff', 'No Rex','LM63','CR72'

What takes time ?


By default relax uses much higher precision optimisation than most other softwares.
This is based on the philosophy that more accurate results are worth the wait,
especially considering that this time is relatively small in comparison to the measurement and processing time (and adding the inevitable re-measurements). <

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Random screenshots
relax starting interface
The analysis selection wizard
Steady-state NOE analysis
R1 analysis
R2 analysis
Model-free analysis
The relax controller
Spin viewer window
Results viewer window
Pipe editor window
relax prompt window
About GUI screen
About relax screen