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Dear NMR user. Welcome to the relax wiki.

User contributions - How to edit pages at the wiki

To create and edit pages, you would need to follow these steps. These steps has been implemented to prevent abuse from spam robots.

  1. Create a user, by following the link in the top right corner: Create account.
  2. Then confirm your email address. From Preferences, go to the section titled Email options. Click in Email confirmation: Confirm your email address. When you receive the email, click the link it contains to confirm that you own the email address. That will auto-promote you to the group: 'Emailconfirmed'.
  3. We unfortunately also experienced spam-bots attacking us there.
  4. If you require edit permissions, you can be added to the "Trusted" group. Send an email to the relax devel mailing list to be put in a "Trusted" group or send email to: tlinnet [aat} nmr-relax .dot. com.

The different rights for the groups can be seen here Special:ListGroupRights