NS CPMG 2-site star

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The relaxation dispersion model for the numeric solution (NS) to the Bloch-McConnell equations for SQ CPMG-type data using complex conjugate matrices whereby the simplification R2A0 = R2B0 is assumed. The model is labelled as NS CPMG 2-site star in relax.


The NS CPMG 2-site star model has the parameters {R20, ..., pA, Δω, kex}.


The function uses an explicit matrix that contains relaxation, exchange and chemical shift terms. It does the 180 deg pulses in the CPMG train with conjugate complex matrices. The approach of Bloch-McConnell can be found in chapter 3.1 of Palmer, A. G. 2004 Chem. Rev., 104, 3623-3640. This function was written, initially in MATLAB, in 2010.

The code was submitted on this mailing list thread by Paul Schanda.

Related models

The NS CPMG 2-site star model is a parametric restriction of the NS CPMG 2-site star full model.


The implementation of the NS CPMG 2-site star model in relax can be seen in the:

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