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The following describes how to test relax after installation.

Run the full test suite

Always perform a test-suite run when you have installed or updated relax

relax --test-suite -l system-tests.log
relax --help

Individual test suite categories can be run with

relax -s -l system-tests.log
relax -u -l unit-tests.log
relax --gui-tests -l gui-tests.log
relax --help

Single test runs

Individual groups of system or GUI tests, as well as single tests from both categories can be run as follows:

# Run an individaul GUI test.
relax --gui-tests Mf.test_mf_auto_analysis --debug
# Run all of the Peak_lists system tests.
relax --system-tests Peak_lists
# Or even individual tests.
relax --system-tests Peak_lists.test_read_peak_list_nmrview
relax -s Peak_lists.test_read_peak_list_NMRPipe_seriesTab

Running indivdual unit tests is far more complicated. For instructions, please see the manual.

wxPython test

See messages at mailing list

Downloaded wxPython demo from:
Source Code and Other Tarballs

 python2.7 wxPython-
  1. first run the file,
  2. go to the "Core Windows/Controls",
  3. select "Menu",
  4. go to the "Demo" tab,
  5. click on "Show the Menu sample",
  6. in the new window, click on the "Fun" menu,
  7. check that you see a smiley face in the first menu entry.

If there is no smiley face, then the problem is in wxPython.
Otherwise there is a problem with relax and the setup you have.
Also when you run relax from the terminal, do you see any wxPython errormessages? Or GTK+ errors?
Do you see any errors if you use the --debug command line option when running relax?

Other tests

Write in relax prompt, to check

import os, graphics
a=graphics.status.install_path; print a,os.path.exists(a);os.listdir(a)
b=graphics.ANALYSIS_IMAGE_PATH; print b,os.path.exists(b);os.listdir(b)
c=graphics.WIZARD_IMAGE_PATH; print c,os.path.exists(c);os.listdir(c)
d=graphics.IMAGE_PATH; print d,os.path.exists(d);os.listdir(d)
e=graphics.fetch_icon("relax.noe", size="16x16")

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