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This release corresponds to many changes to the Brownian rotational diffusion tensor.

It includes the shift to the geometric parameters:

[math] D_{iso} = \frac{1}{3} \left( D_x + D_y + D_z \right), \\ D_a = D_z - \frac{1}{2} \left( D_x + D_y \right) , \\ D_r = D_y - \frac{D_x}{2D_a} . [/math]

Numerous bugs in the old correlation time, weights, and direction cosine code have been fixed. A few of these bugs had been fixed previously but those fixes were somehow lost. Two major problems in the calculation of the Hessian of the ellipsoid direction cosines have been fixed and the ellipsoid diffusion tensor now minimises orders of magnitude faster.


For reference, the following links are also part of the announcement for this release:


If you would like to receive announcements about new relax versions, please subscribe to the relax announcement mailing list. This list only receives ~10 emails per year. It is archived at the SourceForge archives and in The Mail Archive.

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