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This is a minor bugfix release in preparation for the impending merger of relaxGUI [Bieri et al, 2011]. New features include a sample script for creating CSV files from model-free results for import into spreadsheet programs, extensive system testing of all model-free models, fixes for a system test on 32-bit GNU/Linux, and a fix for running scripts with certain versions of Python.


The new relax versions can be downloaded from If binary distributions are not yet available for your platform and you manage to compile the binary modules, please consider contributing these to the relax project (described in section 3.6 of the relax manual,


Version 1.3.8
(20 January 2011, from /1.3)


  • Created a sample script to create a CSV file of model-free results for reading into spreadsheets, based on the LaTeX table generation script.
  • Extensive system tests for all the model-free models have been introduced.


  • Loosened the te check in value_check() so that the test_opt_constr_bfgs_back_S2_0_970_te_2048_Rex_0_149() model-free system test would pass on 32-bit Linux.
  • Renamed the model-free results LaTeX table generation script.
  • Created a test-suite module to aid in the back-calculation of relaxation data from model-free parameters independent of relax.
  • Updates for Python 3.0 using 2to3.


  • Fix for running scripts in certain versions of python - if a file with the same name as the script lies in one of the paths in sys.path, then that file will be executed rather than the script.


For reference, the following links are also part of the announcement for this release:


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  • [Bieri et al, 2011] ^ Bieri, M., d'Auvergne, E., and Gooley, P. (2011). relaxGUI: a new software for fast and simple NMR relaxation data analysis and calculation of ps-ns and μs motion of proteins. J. Biomol. NMR, 50, 147-155. (DOI: 10.1007/s10858-011-9509-1)

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