Installation windows Python x86-32 Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop

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Download preparation

This guide should follow Homepage for MS Windows development platform

First: Download these packages, do not unpack them yet.

  1. (.exe): wxPython:
  2. (.exe): scons:
  3. (.zip): minfx:
  4. (.zip): bmrblib:

take the win32 bit versions.

Install python and necessary packages

I recommend to install a python distribution which is packed with several packages already.


You could consider winpython, which includes Ipython, numpy, scipy. matplotlib etc.:

Make a folder: C:\WinPython27.
Run the downloaded winpython exe file, and extract to: C:\WinPython27.
Open WinPython Control Panel in ex. C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-2.7.x
Drag the 4 above mentioned packakes, into the window, and install the packages.
For a command window, use the WinPython Command Prompt found in C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-2.7.x, which fixes path issues for finding python.

Trick to set variables in cmd

Make a folder own in C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-2.7.x\scripts and
copy C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-2.7.x\scripts\env.bat to C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-2.7.x\scripts\own\pyt32.bat
and copy C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-2.7.x\scripts\cmd.bat to C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-2.7.x\scripts\own\cmdpyt32.bat

Modify pyt32.bat from

set WINPYDIR=%~dp0..\python-2.7.5

to include ..\

set WINPYDIR=%~dp0..\..\python-2.7.5

Modify cmdpyt32.bat from

call %~dp0env.bat


call %~dp0pyt32.bat

Trick to add .bat files to PATH

If you have permission to change the Environment Variables in windows, you can add the pyt32.bat and cmdpyt32.bat to your path.
Right click Computer -> properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables -> User variables -> Edit: PATH
Add to end of the Variable value:


In any folder, hold "Shift" and right click, "Open command window here". Write:


Install Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop

See versions of VS 2012 here.

For 32 bit compiling, you will only need, Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop.
From, download and install: Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop.
Skip all extra packages install. After install, just exit any program, which opened after install.

Install Subversion checkout of relax

Caution  The information in this section is out of date but is kept for historical reasons. The relax source code is now hosted in a git rather than svn repository.

Install a subversion client. For example:

Right click in winpython folder: C:\WinPython27, and select SVN Checkout. Write the path:

svn:// relax_trunk

Build relax

Open the WinPython Command Prompt
Navigate to the SVN checked out relax folder.

cd C:\WinPython27\relax_trunk_32

Or navigate to C:\WinPython27\relax_trunk_32, hold "Shift" and right click, "Open command window here". Write:


Modify pyt32.bat

Modify C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-xxx\scripts\own\pyt32.bat, and add to end of file

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\WinPython27\relax_trunk_32

Test installation, by clicking C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-xxx\scripts\own\cmdpyt32.bat, and write

relax -g

Tip - shortcut to cmdpyt32.bat

Make shortcut to C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-xxx\scripts\own\cmdpyt32.bat, and modify the shortcut. Set

Start in: %PWD%

You can now copy this shortcut around, which open a command prompt at the current folder, and set the paths correctly.

Install other software

xmgrace - for the plotting results of NMR-relax

relax produces xmgrace "'.agr" files for plotting. There exist two ports for xmgrace to windows QtGrace and GraceGTK.

Download qtgrace_windows_binary, and unpack to C:\WinPython27\qtgrace_windows_binary.
Then copy C:\WinPython27\qtgrace_windows_binary\bin\qtgrace.exe to C:\WinPython27\qtgrace_windows_binary\bin\xmgrace.exe

Modify C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-xxx\scripts\own\pyt32.bat, and add to end of file

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\WinPython27\qtgrace_windows_binary\bin

Test installation, by clicking C:\WinPython27\WinPython-32bit-xxx\scripts\own\cmdpyt32.bat, and write


which should start xmgrace.

Python editor

A good lightweight editor for windows could Pyscripter

Test installation

Caution  After an installation you should really run an Installation_test.

Build manual and API documentation

See Manual.

Trouble shooting

See also