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Keywords Relaxation curve-fitting
Release type Major bugfix
Release date 1 March 2006

The PDF version of the relax 1.2.3 user manual The relax 1.2.3 user manual


This is a bug fix release which corrects a segfault crash of the exponential relaxation curve-fitting modules. The bug was introduced by the shift from the makefile to Sconstruct build system. The full descriptions of all bug fixes are:

  • Sconstruct now does not use the '-fPIC' option during compilation which caused the exponential relaxation curve-fitting modules to segfault.
  • The distribution binary and source file creation Sconstruct functions now properly compress the archives.
  • The function contained a bug where the residue number from the file was not being read. Instead the integer position within the file was being used as the residue number.

  • The model-free spectral density function 'calc_S2f_S2s_ts_djw_dS2s' does not exist. Therefore when using the model with the parameters {Sf2, Ss2, τs}, the program would throw an error and stop. The function is actually calc_S2f_tf_S2s_ts_djw_dS2s. The factor 'data.s2f_s2' also had to be calculated in maths_fns/


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