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Keywords MS Windows
Release type MS Windows compatibility
Release date 18 September 2006

The PDF version of the relax 1.2.7 user manual The relax 1.2.7 user manual


This release adds full compatibility for MS Windows. Unless you would like to use relax on Windows or are a developer (a few debugging features have been added), this release can be safely ignored. To allow relax to properly function on MS Windows a number of changes were necessary. This includes a number of bug fixes, the creation of the 'relax.bat' batch file, and modifications to allow the C modules to be compiled. Pre-compiled Windows zip files will now be available for download from the relax download page.


The new relax versions can be downloaded from If binary distributions are not yet available for your platform and you manage to compile the binary modules, please consider contributing these to the relax project (described in section 3.6 of the relax manual,


Version 1.2.7
(18 September 2006, from /1.2)


  • The C modules now compile without problem on MS Windows.
  • The MS Windows binary distribution packages are now successfully built using the SCons build system.
  • The batch file 'relax.bat' has been created for running relax from the MS Windows command prompt.
  • The program introduction width is now 80 characters in MS Windows for proper display from the command prompt.


  • The program state is saved when a RelaxError occurs in debugging mode.
  • KeyboardInterupt during script execution in debugging mode will print the Python traceback.


  • The sconstruct script no longer fails in MS Windows. (bug #6980)
  • Model selection is now functional on all operating systems. (bug #6873).
  • The use of the Unix only class 'Popen3' has been removed to allow relax to function on all non-Unix operating systems. (bug #6841)
  • If the XH bond vector length is 0, the vector is set to None rather than raising a RelaxError. (partial fix to bug #6503)
  • Fix for the sconstruct script failure on MS Windows due to ImportErrors caused by importing Unix specific code. (bug #6841)
  • Fix for ImportErrors in MS Windows preventing relax from running. (bug #6841)


For reference, the following links are also part of the announcement for this release:


If you would like to receive announcements about new relax versions, please subscribe to the relax announcement mailing list. This list only receives ~10 emails per year. It is archived at the SourceForge archives and in The Mail Archive.

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