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Keywords Consistency testing of relaxation data
Release type Features and major bugfix
Release date 19 April 2008


This release introduces new features and fixes a number of important bugs. The most significant feature is the consistency testing of relaxation data from different field strengths using the J(0), Fη and FR2 values [Morin and Gagné, 2009][Fushman et al., 1998]. Important bugs which have been fixed include the failure of Monte Carlo simulations when model-free model m0 is encountered causing the parameter errors for all subsequent residues to be zero, the failure of reading of Art Palmer's Modelfree4 'mfout' file, and the handling of missing structural data. For a full description of the additions and fixes, please see below.


The new relax versions can be downloaded from If binary distributions are not yet available for your platform and you manage to compile the binary modules, please consider contributing these to the relax project (described in section 3.6 of the relax manual,


Version 1.2.13
(19 April 2008, from /1.2)



  • Better support for MS Windows Vista in the scons build system and the relax introduction.
  • A file listing the unresolved residues is no longer necessary for running the '' script.
  • A few small documentation additions and fixes.


  • The parameters D and D are now properly checked upon initialisation of this spheroidal diffusion tensor.
  • Initialisation of an empty diffusion tensor to the default values of zero now works.
  • The default value of the I relaxation curve fitting parameter can now be set.
  • Fix for the complete failure of the reading in of Art Palmer's Modelfree4 'mfout' results file (see bug #8997).
  • Fix for a rare ZeroDivisionError during Monte Carlo simulations (see bug #11004).
  • relax no longer fails if XH bond vectors cannot be extracted from a PDB file (see bug #11378).
  • The relax_data.display user function no longer fails (see bug #11383).
  • The selection of model-free model m0 causes Monte Carlo simulations to fail resulting in zero errors from that residue onwards (see bug #11476).
  • Another column fusion bug in Modelfree4's 'mfout' results file can be handled (see bug #11483).
  • Optimisation fix - the steady-state NOE value, gradient, and Hessian is now properly calculated when an order parameter of exactly 0.0 is encountered.


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